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Top 5 Collegiate Esports Programs ranked on Competition


With the surge of collegiate Esports over the past 4 years we have watched some amazing programs rise up. The question we aim to answer is, who are the top 5 programs based on competition results across the top 10 collegiate Esports titles?

#1 - Maryville University
We simply cannot deny the major successes of Maryville in arguably the 2 most influential collegiate Esports titles. Multiple LoL National Championships and the most recent Overwatch National Champion have propelled Maryville to the top of our list.

#2 - Akron University
Akron has proven that domination can happen across multiple tiles. The Zips have won multiple Rainbow 6 and Rocket league titles while also having top 15 rosters across a variety of games. Simply put Akron is tried and true when it comes to competition.

#3 - Harrisburg University
While Harrisburg has not won a major tournament in the last year, they certainly keep placing consistently in League of Legends and Overwatch. In recent years Harrisburg has won National Championships but has taken a slight decline in results the previous year. With the resources available to the program, we fully expect the Storm to be back on top in no time.

#4 - Illinois State University
Illinois State has emerged as a premier program dating back to 2 years ago, with most recently winning multiple Overwatch contenders titles and HUEFEST. You cannot deny the depth the program has over games like Overwatch, League of Legends, Valorant and the emerging Call of Duty team.

$5 - Northwood University
The Timberwolves burst onto the scene in the fall of 2020 and have since won multiple titles including a National Championship. Northwood continues to build out strong rosters but has yet to claim an additional National title outside of CRL fall 2020.

Northeastern University, University of Texas at Dallas, University of North Texas, University of California Irvine, Winthrop University, University of Central Florida, Ohio State University, Michigan State University, San Jose State University

The top 5 schools and the honorable mentiosns all could be argued to be ranked anywhere in the top 5, we made our decisions based on the placings across multiple collegiate titles and only focused on the largest league for each Esport.




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