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eFuse acquires College CoD


The news broke this morning that the Esports giant eFuse has acquired College CoD. This is one of the first instances where we have been able to see a grass roots game specific organization be purchased. College CoD's comment on the move:

"If the question still lingers in your mind “Why eFuse” or “who are eFuse,” although the team could try and take a PR route, just know they parallel the same values the College CoD team does - always listening and innovating. Not casting strings over what’s been built and controlling it all like a puppet, but empowering the individuals brought on to grow the general collegiate Call of Duty space." ( https://collegecod.com/news/college-cod-acquired-by-efuse/ )

The goal behind the deal was to allow College CoD to obtain more resources to grow the collegiate call of duty scene. In a way this move will allow College CoD to give back even more to the loyal community that it has created. Needless to say we are very excited about the move and hope to see more resources poured onto College CoD.

Will we see a few College CoD LANS in the future? We certainly hope so!

You can read about the acquisition here:




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