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Collegiate Rocket League Power Rankings (pre-spring championship)


1.) Northwood University
The pack has finished 17-1 in league play and won the eastern conference, this makes them the favorite heading into the spring National Championship. Although the roster can look a bit inconsistent at times, they seem to be able to overcome this with a high powered scoring attack.

2.) University of Akron
Akron has used a combination of 4 players this season which has resulted in mixed results, they have been able to beat Northwood but also have lost to teams that failed to make the Collegiate Rocket League playoffs.

3.) University of North Texas
UNT has won the west after a great series against LSU. Although UNT struggled against the University of Texas at Dallas they were able to take the win 4-3. The western champs need to defeat Akron for a chance to get to #1 in the rankings.

4.) Louisiana State University
What the LSU roster is capable of is a great mystery. Sure they have Ayjacks but are they able to come together as a team and pull off an upset against Northwood? That is a question which is hard to decipher. We expect a closer series against Northwood but LSU has a long road ahead to beat the Timberwolves.

5.) University of South Florida
WOW! The Bulls gave Northwood a fit in the first game of the Eastern Conference playoffs. This roster did very well and earned a top 5 ranking after finishing the season and playoffs strong. At times this roster is overlooked by the community but overall always puts on a solid performance.

6.) Florida Poly University
7.) University of Texas at Dallas
8.) University of Arizona
9.) The Ohio State University
10.) University of Central Florida
11.) University of Texas at Arlington
12.) University of Oregon
13.) California State University Fullerton
14.) Texas Tech University
15.) University of North Carolina Charlotte
16.) Missouri University of Science and Technology
17.) Durham College
18.) University of Virginia
19.) Stockton University
20.) Washington State University




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