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Collegiate Overwatch Power Rankings October 2021

Top 25 Collegiate Overwatch Power Rankings

Collegiate Overwatch Power Rankings

1. Illinois State University Redbirds Overwatch
After winning contenders the past two times as well as HUE, ISU Redbirds are sitting pretty at the top of the collegiate and contenders scene. 

2. Northwood University Overwatch

After a strong second place in HUE to ISU, Northwood stays in the second place until they show that they can take down the Redbirds. 

3. Maryville University Overwatch

As the reigning champs, you have to give Maryville the respect that they deserve having only lost to Northwood in this collegiate season. 

4. Bay State College Overwatch

After a 3-4 place in HUE and being undefeated in their leagues, Bay State is a dark horse for this collegiate season. 

5. Harrisburg University Overwatch

After a disappointing outing at HUE, Harrisburg has rejuvenated with a new EU dps player and a strong victory over UCI.

6. University of Texas at Dallas Overwatch
7. Boise State University Overwatch
8. University of California Irvine Overwatch
9. Winthrop University Overwatch
10. Northeastern University Overwatch
11. Waldorf University Overwatch
12. Lourdes University Overwatch
13. Miami of Ohio University Overwatch
14. University of St. Thomas Overwatch
15. UCSC Overwatch
16. University of Utah Overwatch
17. Oklahoma University Overwatch
18. Kent State University Overwatch
19. SCAD University Overwatch
20. Bellevue University Overwatch
21. Converse University Overwatch
22. RIT University Overwatch
23. UofT Longhorns
24. University of Illinois Overwatch
25. Rutgers University Overwatch

Rankings were determined by overall body of work this year across all relevant leagues. (PlayVS, NACE STARLEAGUE, Blizzard Collegiate, HUEFEST, UGC)




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