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Collegiate League of Legends Power Rankings


What a fantastic regular season! We are now down to the final 32 teams that will be competing in the CLoL playoffs! This is the official CEN power rankings for the playoffs. Please note these rankings are taking only playoff teams into account.

1 Maryville
Maryville University again finds itself coming out of the North Conference on top. After losing a couple key players to LCS they have bounced back with new players and again are on top of the North.

2 Winthrop
Winthrop University is a team that is simply built different, they have everything it takes to take home the National Championship. We are looking forward to some big plays out of Winthrop.

3. Western Ontario
This team has beaten some of the best teams CLoL has to offer this year. They are poised to make a championship run and potentially pull off a couple upsets.

4. Illinois State
Illinois State University managed to take a game off of Maryville in the North finals, we look forward to a nice run by ISU.

5. Arizona State
The Sun Devils have a solid roster that has the potential to beat any CLoL team. If the stars align you might see them making a few waves in the playoffs.

6. Harrisburg
7. MSU
9. Bethany
10. GVU
11. Purdue
12. SUNY Buffalo
13. CC
14. Toronto
15. Houston
16. UC Riverside
17. GMU
18. UC Berkeley
19. BSU
20. North Eastern
21. Colorado State
22. Kennesaw State
23. DePaul
24. Florida Southern
25. Montana State




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