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Collegiate Cold War Power Rankings

Collegiate Call of Duty Cold War Power Rankings

If you followed along with the CCL twitter, each week the league posted a “Top 25 Power Rankings”, similar to the format of NCAA Football. This was voted on by a 7-member committee that included myself. Each week many teams bounced up and down the list and we even saw some new teams sneak their way on after some gutsy performances. So with another terrific College CoD season wrapped up, it is time to break down some of the best teams the CCL had to offer in 2021.

  1. Ottawa Gold (Ottawa University)

The season 3 champs proved exactly why they were the unanimous #1 team in the league. Their 51-0 map count made them only one of two teams to accomplish that this season. OU Gold steamrolled everyone they played, and their only 3 map losses came to their counterpart, Ottawa Black. Gold never gave anyone a doubt of how good they were and taking home first place was the icing on top,

  1. Ottawa Black (Ottawa University)

Ottawa Black was expected to have a good team regardless, but the announcement of top amatuer players Fame and Noysii joining the team, expectations shot even higher. Their 14-0 record brought them in as one of the #1 seeds for playoffs. Their sole map loss on the year came in a round 11 loss to Illini Blue. Other than that one small blunder, they crushed the competition while only allowing one team to cross the 100 point threshold in Hardpoint. They pushed Gold to their limit where it mattered most, but ultimately the lack of practice as a unit compared to OU Gold was the difference maker.

  1. Concord Maroon (Concord University)

2020 runners-up Concord Maroon, yet again proved they were among the absolute best teams this season. Back to back undefeated seasons has brought them to a ridiculous 102-0 regular season  map count against opponents. They also ran through everyone en route to the winner’s finals in playoffs, before losing to Ottawa Gold. They are without a doubt the best team outside of Ottawa, and another successful campaign has moved them back up the list.

  1. Carleton  Ravens (Carleton University)

This is a team that has bounced up and down the top 25 all year long. The consistency throughout the second half of the year wavered and sequentially bumped them down four spots to a tie for the #10 spot in top 25 voting. Their modest 13-4 record entered them into playoffs with uncertainty as the 4th seed. However, they hit their stride at the absolute perfect time. The strung together a very good winner’s bracket run, knocking off #5 GSU Gold and #7 Humber College along the way. 47 and Hawk looked like the duo the CCL saw from last year and propelled this team into a top 4 finish. Playoff Carleton is undoubtedly the 4th best team at the end of this year.

  1. Illini Orange (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

Illini came into 2021 with high expectations. A relatively successful campaign in the Modern Warfare season was a big part of that. Bringing Exxie on board from the Blue team was critical to the success of Illini this year. A top 5 team to start the season slowly found themselves dropping down the power ranking each week. Their Search and Destroy played a factor in that, losing some to much lower ranked teams. But similar to Carleton, they seemed to have figured out those issues right at the best time. They were bumped down to loser’s in WR3 by Ottawa Black, but managed to win some key games on their run to a top 6, beating Humber and a red hot Bama Crimson. Everyone knew this squad could play at this level, and they finally proved that they can with a gutsy playoff performance. 

  1. Sheridan (Sheridan College)
  2. CSULB Black (Cal State University at Long Beach)
  3. UNI Gold (University of Northern Iowa)
  4. E4 Knights (University of Central Florida)
  5. Eagles CoD Gold (Georgia Southern University)
  6. Purdue Gold (Purdue University)
  7. Bama Crimson (University of Alabama)
  8. Humber College
  9. SIUe Red (Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville)
  10. FSU Garnet (Florida State University)
  11. LA Tech Red (LA Tech)
  12.  OSU Scarlet (Ohio State University) 
  13. Texas State (Texas State University)
  14. UTD Orange (University of Texas at Dallas)
  15. Full Sail Armada (Full Sail University)
  16. CUE Grey (Concord University)
  17. UTK Orange (University of Tennessee at Knoxville)
  18.  LU Esports (Laurentian University)
  19.  Eagles CoD Blue (Georgia Southern University)
  20. CU Black (University of Colorado at Boulder)

- Zarin Bartholomew (@ZaarinCOD)




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