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Collegiate Championship Recap: Sunday's Round of 16 Matches

Miss any of the League of Legends Collegiate Championship action this weekend? No worries, we recapped every series from Sunday's round of 16. Learn what carried every team into the quarterfinals down below!

#9 BETHANY - 2
#8 WESTERN - 0

Early Dragon stacking and vision control proved to be the difference maker for Bethany Esports. Putting Western on the back foot engineered success for the Vikings in a 2-0 series win to advance to the quarterfinals.

Game One
Western jungler “act0r,” who played on their 2019 CLoL Runner-up squad, threw down pressure top early. On Kayn, the jungler tried to get toplaner “Chim” off the ground while working towards their Rhaast form. Bethany jungler “Hunter” secured first Dragon before running topside to grab first blood.

Beneficiary of the first blood, Bethany toplaner “Solura” swapped with the botlane on Rift Herald spawn, only to be dove by Western’s botside. Bethany support “Hollywood” got caught up in the redive, netting two kills for the Mustangs. Botlaner “sleepy links” snagged both on Tristana.

The Vikings traded even on the topside after securing their second Dragon. Bethany started leveraging their slim gold lead to zone the Western botlane out of mid. Grabbing a tower and a takedown on act0r, they held midlane priority a minute before third Dragon spawned.

UWO muscled their vision into the river and barely snuck out the Ocean Drake before losing multiple members in the retreat. 

Bethany traded the second Rift Herald and Solura for the midlane tier-2 turret, enabling their vision control on the topside jungle. With it, the Vikings sneak away Baron and only the botlane fell in their escape. Western even the Dragon count as a result.

A pick on UWO support “SkyTec” continued to plague the Candaian university’s lack of vision. Bethany exploited more warding gaps to dive Chim and take the botlane tier-2 turret.

Western attempted to lure Bethany out into the open, dancing around and poking the Baron with another Dragon coming up. The Vikings exert just enough pressure to dissuade the Mustangs as Bethany botlaner “Wizardish” puts them on Ocean Soul point. Waiting on their Kai’sa, Bethany slowly snuffed out Western’s space before collapsing. 

After capturing the Baron buff, Bethany traded Hollywood for Chim and act0r in a midlane skirmish. The frontline of Shen, Udyr and Rell looked insurmountable for Western. The Mustangs gave away Ocean Soul in a last-ditch effort to meet the Vikings head-on at Baron. Bethany midlaner “Bradley” gets jumped on, but Wizardish cleans up the scraps to finish game one. 

Game Two
Both botlanes opted into fights early, drawing teleport attention from both midlaners. Wizardish limped away with a sliver of health while Hunter arrived just in time for his second consecutive first blood participation.

After their reset, the Bethany botlane shoved the wave under turret to set up an Infernal Drake. Hunter secures the Dragon as a Solura teleport zoned off Western, kickstarting a 5v4 skirmish for Bethany. Wizardish’s Samira escapes with single digit HP yet again as both squads traded their supports.

A favorable trade and push from Bradley left the Bethany midlaner free to roam. With over a minute to Ocean Drake spawn, Bradley’s Gwen teamed up with Hunter’s Volibear for a botlane dive. 

Bradley’s accrued lead mirrored Chim from the topside. As Solura’s Shen roamed, Chim’s Vladimir rocketed ahead. The UWO toplaner held a 37 CS lead at ten minutes in, encouraging Western to play topside with a freshly acquired Rift Herald. act0r and Chim knocked down the toplane tier-2 turret in exchange for Bethany’s second Dragon.

Despite a narrow gold deficit, Bethany continued to make plays on the opposite side of the map. Wizardish piggybacked Hollywood’s Rell engage to take down the Western botlane. A failed engage by UWO minutes later enabled Bethany to remove the botlane tier-1 turret and secure Cloud Drake for Soul point.

Western’s reset encouraged the team to grab their second Rift Herald. Bethany slowly took space in the river, zoned the Mustangs off the eye and prompted a teamfight.

Another attempt to accelerate Chim resulted in a triple kill for Gwen. Bradley and Hunter caught act0r shadowing the Western toplaner botside. The ensuing skirmish only widened Bethany’s new gold lead, catapulting Bradley even further ahead.

The Vikings secured their second Dragon Soul in as many games, leaving Baron the only objective on the map. An overreach by Western topside lost SkyTec, setting up a 4v5 around the Baron. 

With Baron buff running out and Elder Dragon fast approaching, UWO and Bethany clash again in the midlane river brush. The Vikings take down three, breaking open the base.

Bethany overstayed after setting up their botside jungle vision, jumping on Western once again. The Mustangs respond, trading two for three, and march over to Elder Dragon in one last effort to find their footing. An overchase onto Hunter donates Wizardish a triple kill, handing Bethany the tools to finish the series. 

Bethany move on to face Toronto in their upcoming quarterfinal series. Catch them live on the LCS Twitch channel on Thursday, May 27 at 2 p.m. PST. 


The East Conference Runner-Up reminded the Collegiate Championship stage why they’re one of the frontrunners. Harrisburg’s map movements propelled their individual leads enroute to a 2-0 series win over George Mason.

Game One
HU jungler “ShorterAce” got the Storm going early, timing their first gank botside with a stacked wave. GMU support “Lefasa” fell for first blood, with botlaner “Enrique2pe” trading one for one on the following dive. With the wave dying under the turret, Enrique2pe fell behind 20 CS on “Hopefulx,” as the HU botlaner funneled in gold.

Hopefulx benefitted from a ShorterAce Rift Herald botlane, followed by a swap to the toplane. After diving GMU toplaner “brand9n,” Hopefulx took down the toplane tier-1 turret. Kai’sa received ten total turret plates, which GMU exchanged for the first two Dragons and a botlane turret of their own.

Both squads met at the Mountain Drake, which gave George Mason a chance to hit Soul point before the 20 minute mark. Harrisburg’s lead came through in full force, with the Storm taking down four for nothing. With Soul delayed indefinitely, HU’s lead blossomed to over 10,000 after the following Baron fight nearly two minutes later. 

The Baron buff on top of Harrisburg vision control fell multiple tier-2 towers and secured their second Dragon, further widening the gold gap. With the map open, HU toplaner “Sandflame” flanks Enrique2pe to kickstart a teamfight. Hopefulx punches through GMU, locking in the game and a penta kill. 

Game Two
Enrique2pe and Lefasa bounced back to start game two. The GMU botlane found a 2v2 kill onto HU support “Clyde,” courtesy of Lefasa’s ignite. The duo of Xayah and Rakan kept George Mason in the driver’s seat, holding a large HU wave outside of turret range. GMU jungler “Nuri21” and midlaner “jinx gf” roamed down to collapse onto ShorterAce and the Harrisburg botlane, claiming two kills.

brand9n made their first Stand United count, as the Shen piggybacked Lefasa to takedown ShorterAce in his botside jungle. GMU captured Infernal Drake with the advantage.

ShorterAce found a Rift Herald for Harrisburg, who looked in dire straits ten minutes in. An errant engage from George Mason gave the Storm a way back in, with Sandflame landing a punishing Gnar ultimate to even the kill count. 

Harrisburg took their first Dragon of the contest minutes later. While they were quiet in game one, HU midlaner “LikeAMaws” came alive after developing a significant CS lead on jinx gf’s Rumble. The Viktor staved off a dive midlane, grabbing a kill in the process. LikeAMaws struck again at the GMU blue buff, slaying jinx gf through the Stand United.

Harrisburg continued to hammer in their lead, counter flanking botlane with ShorterAce, Clyde and LikeAMaws to trade three back for Hopefulx. Sandflame took down brand9n topside, before falling to jinx gf moments later. GMU captured the Rift Herald while HU jumped ahead with their second Dragon.

GMU’s effort to find Sandflame alone was thwarted topside. Harrisburg picked up takedowns on brand9n, Nuri and jinx gf, which led into a Baron secure.

Similar to game one, Harrisburg choked out the map with Baron buff. Botlane and midlane inhibitors went down, putting pressure on GMU, who could only watch as HU grabbed Dragon number three.

A last ditch effort around the Baron pit came close for George Mason, who got split apart during the teamfight. All three survivors fell on the retreat, as Harrisburg closed out the game and the series. 

Harrisburg advanced to the quarterfinals, where they’ll face Illinois State. They kickoff the action on Friday, May 28 at 2 p.m. PST.

#12 COLUMBIA - 2

After Arizona State won game two in a salty runback, the series was up for grabs. Two of the top programs in the country battling it out for a spot in the quarterfinals. What followed? One of the craziest last five minutes of any collegiate match. Columbia College barely came out on top, ending the series with a 2-1 win.

Game One
Columbia jungler “Nintendudex” failed to find purchase with his first toplane gank, resulting in a collapse and subsequent first blood for ASU jungler “baekho.” baekho turned their early advantage into a three-buff start, vaulting ahead on Udyr.

Despite the poor start, Columbia collected objective after objective. The Cougars grabbed a Dragon and a Rift Herald while baekho applied pressure on CC midlaner “rovex.” A close 5v5 in the botlane landed ASU an extra kill lead which they attempted to turn into their first Dragon. Nintendude and co. chased them off and secured Dragon number two while their Herald charged down midlane.

After a catch on Nintendudex, ASU utilized their midlane pressure to take down the tier-1 turret and capture the Infernal Drake. Columbia responded by dropping Rift Herald toplane, prompting a teamfight in the topside jungle as Arizona State moved up to meet them. 

Columbia College continued to fight for vision regardless. As the Cougars attempted to clear wards in the botside river, baekho engaged CC support “Prosperous Cat 2” to ignite a teamfight. Columbia toplaner “Aizo” zoned off the ASU botlane as Cho’gath, letting their carries hit the frontline. CC left the fight two kills up.

With the gold starting to even out, Arizona State baited the Baron to draw Columbia in. Posturing around the objective, CC botlaner “BukZacH” separated from the team to push in midlane, dropping the tier-1 turret. Forcing a reset out of ASU, Columbia scored a free Infernal Drake to hit Soul point.

The Baron dances continued, as the Cougars started it this time. Losing Prosperous Cat 2 in a split fight, Columbia came soaring back to catch Arizona State on the objective. 

Baron dances became a Dragon dance minutes later. With a potential Infernal Soul on the table, ASU squared off with CC in the river. BukZacH exploded for a penta kill, grabbing the Soul and finishing the game for the Cougars. 

Game Two
Confident in their draft, Arizona State kept the same composition for game two. An added Qiyana ban put rovex on Viego, but otherwise Columbia stayed the same as well for round two. A full team level one through the toplane found first blood for ASU toplaner “Firetheft” on Karma.

baekho paid toplane attention early yet again, forcing out an early support and midlane roam from Columbia. With their newfound priority in the botlane, ASU challenged for Dragon first. Meeting CC at the pit resulted in an Infernal Drake and a two for one trade for the Sun Devils.

Columbia swaps the botlane for Rift Herald priority before swapping back in time for the Ocean Drake. CC takes the Dragon, sacrificing Prosperous Cat’s Leona to even out the count.

After knocking down the midlane tier-1 turret, ASU faked out the Columbia botlane to kick off a midlane teamfight, catching three before collecting Rift Herald. 

Arizona State resumed their Dragon stacking, getting their first Wind Drake before clashing heads with Columbia in defense of the midlane turret. ASU snags a kill onto BukZacH right before fourth Dragon, putting the Sun Devils on Soul point.

Another high speed Udyr engage caught the Columbia botlane midlane, as Arizona State secured botlaner “Snoopsss” a double kill. Firmly in control, ASU took down the Baron. 

Systematically breaking down inhibitors midlane and botlane, Arizona State finished off the Cougars in game two to even the series at one apiece. 

Game Three
The botlane got off to a hot start in the series finale. ASU support “Pseudo” landed hook after hook on Nautilus, but it was Columbia who struck first. The duo found first blood on their own and rovex teleport racked on two extra kills and the first Dragon for Columbia minutes later.

BukZacH received two more kills during an overreach by the ASU botlane before land swapping for Rift Herald once again. The Herald spawned midlane for Columbia, who used the pressure to secure their second Drake.

The objectives kept coming for Columbia, who shifted the botlane to midlane for Herald number two. With priority mid, CC snuck away the Ocean Drake, losing two members on the disengage.

After a trade of kills toplane, Arizona State took control of the botside river to deny an Ocean Soul for Columbia. An immaculate Call of the Forge God from Aizo setup a dominant teamfight win for the Cougars. 

With Ocean Soul and the Baron buff, Columbia began to choke out the Sun Devils. After losing Aizo during a siege attempt botlane, Pseudo landed yet another hook to catch out Prosperous Cat’s Lulu. A Gnar follow up from Firetheft got ASU back into the series.  

Taking the midlane tier-1 turret, Arizona State were forced back to base as Elder Dragon spawns. Quick resets gave Arizona the edge they needed, as Firetheft stuns both the carries again to secure Baron and Elder for the Sun Devils. 

With their backs to their Nexus turrets, Columbia held off the double buff siege from ASU. An exchange of picks on Prosperous Cat and ASU midlaner “CatOnThyRoof” led to a stare down at the Elder Dragon yet again. Columbia managed to secure the Drake, the game and the series in a chaotic ending for the ages. 

Columbia College meet Northern Conference rival Maryville in the quarterfinals. The first game begins at 5 p.m. PST on Thursday, May 27.  

#13 HOUSTON - 0

The returning Champions had their hands full early as Houston came into the series with smart early game moves and unique champion picks. Maryville’s textbook play kept the Saints ahead, closing the door on any upset chance. MU won the series 2-0, advancing to their fourth straight Collegiate Championship top eight.

Game One
A first blood from Houston midlaner “Soxo” on Maryville midlaner “Wolfe” opened up game one for the Cougars. With MU botlaner “EvanRL” and toplaner “Chippys” falling to rotations, Houston jumped out to a three kill lead.

Houston managed to get the first two Dragons, while Maryville prioritized building early individual leads. The Saints secured the Rift Herald, creating a 2,000 gold difference off of CS leads and turret plates.

As the Cougars captured the Rift Herald around the 16 minute mark, Maryville shoved in the midlane wave. The first teamfight of the series erupted moments later, with Houston botlaner “Noodlez” falling to Wolfe. Maryville knocked down the midlane tier-1 turret before backing off.

Houston surrendered their first Dragon minutes later. The Cougars looked poised to fight before a missed Moonlight Vigil from Noodlez’ Aphelios. They managed to answer Maryville’s next move, trading the midlane tier-1 turret for their botlane tier-1 turret.

MU eclipsed a 4,000 gold lead after catching Noodlez in the midlane. Pouncing on Houston toplaner “Lucky Bao” out of teleport, Maryville had evened up the kills. They evened up the Dragon count moments later with a second Infernal Drake.

The little advantages continued to pile up for the Saints. Posturing around midlane as four gave Chippys space to take the botlane tier-2 turret and a pick on Houston support “con trim non.”

Maryville pushed in midlane yet again with Infernal Drake seconds away. Soxo’s Leblanc slipped into a vision gap, blowing up EvanRL and granting Houston a way back into the game. 

Taking the Infernal Dragon to hit Soul point, the Cougars attempted to start the Baron and strengthen their newfound grip on the match. With EvanRL and Wolfe respawning, Chippys catches two with a Gnar set up Maryville’s own Baron. 

Reset and sporting Baron buffs, Maryville pushed down the midlane. A Lucky Bao rotation called for the fight from Houston, but MU got the better of the trade, breaking the base in a two for two exchange.

The siege continued after Soxo got caught bottom side. The botlane inhibitor joined it’s broken midlane counterpart. Maryville swarmed the botside jungle, clearing out vision and inciting a game-ending teamfight with Houston. 

Game Two
Another Houston solo laner grabbed first blood in game two. Lucky Bao chased down Chippys’ Gnar in the toplane, taking him down under tower. Maryville jungler “TheOddOrange” responded immediately with a botlane gank, keeping the score even.
TheOddOrange extended his pressure botside, chunking out Houston jungler “Teany” before collecting Maryville’s first Dragon.

After a roam from Shady kept MU on the positive side of a midlane 3v3 skirmish, TheOddOrange returned to the botlane yet again. Noodlz and con trim non had to back off, giving away a full plated turret to EvanRL’s Jinx.

A reset for Maryville placed Wolfe in the botlane, which Houston looked to exploit.
A three man dive for the Cougars blew up on them in the form of all five Maryville members. Lucky Bao and Teany managed to rush down the Ocean Drake before slipping away. 

Houston faced off against Maryville at the Rift Herald next. Both squads lost their junglers but the Cougars escaped with the Eye of the Herald, which included this Noodlz juke.

The Rift Herald spawned midlane after the resets from each team. Maryville cleared it immediately, moved into the river and pinched out two to set up their second Dragon. 

Only con trim non went down in between the third and fourth Dragon on the Rift. Houston faced off with Maryville in the river, letting Chippys flank from the side and cross up Houston. 

The teamfight win at the Dragon pit gave Maryville the time they needed to take down Baron. Falling the midlane and botlane inhibitor, MU started to clear out vision, prepping for a potential Infernal Soul. Houston elected to take the fight to Maryville one last time and the Saints got the better of them to close out the series. 

Maryville move on to face fellow North Conference team Columbia College in the quarterfinals. Their series starts on Thursday, May 27 at 5 p.m. PST. 


College Championship action resumes on Thursday, May 27. Check out the complete schedule here.

Want a snapshot of the bracket? You can find it on Battlefy, along with match history from every bracket match played so far.

Want information on the casters and observers from these games? You can find all the production information from @UnifiedEA.

Be sure to follow @cen_gg and @wtlangan for continued updates on the College Championship, along with anything collegiate esports!

All stream clips were taken from the Academy and UpsurgeEsports Twitch channels. Photo taken by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games at the 2019 Collegiate Championship.


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