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Collegiate Championship Recap: Saturday's Round of 16 Matches

Miss any of the League of Legends Collegiate Championship action this weekend? No worries, we recapped every series from Saturday’s round of 16. Learn what carried every team into the quarterfinals down below!

#16 TORONTO - 2
#1 PURDUE - 1

Purdue looked destined to advance to the quarterfinals. A wire-to-wire lead in game one of the series segwayed into a dominant level one game two. The Boilermakers kept up the pressure early, jumping out to a 9-4 kill lead at 12 minutes.

None of this swayed Toronto. UofT caught Purdue at Baron and masterfully won a 4v5 to grab the buff and successfully swing the momentum of not only the game, but the series. Toronto controlled the entirety of the final game of the series, winning 2-1 and advancing to the quarterfinals. 

Game One
Game one began slow. Purdue started out with an early lead, but nearly every move got answered by Toronto. Rift Heralds were split between the teams, while UofT managed to grab two of the first three dragons to set up a game breaking fight on fourth dragon. The Boilermakers evened out the dragon count off a teamfight win, which included an incredible Buster Shot from Purdue botlaner “4rch.”

Purdue secured their third dragon while Toronto attempted Baron to draw the North Conference third seed in. 4rch came up big again, securing a triple kill on the back end of the fight to quell Toronto’s Baron turn.

Toronto botlaner “Siekomode” pulled out all the stops to slow down Purdue. They stole away a dragon with Jinx rocket to delay infernal soul, giving UofT more time to bridge the gold gap. Even after Purdue acquired infernal soul, Siekomode killed three in the following teamfight to keep Toronto even. 

The Boilermakers finally prevailed after securing their second Baron. Walking down midlane with Baron-empowered minions, Purdue midlaner “holy krp” Shurima Shuffled the Toronto botlane back to win the fight and the first game. 

Game Two
Purdue amped up the pressure in game two of the series. A creative level one in botlane gave them a gold lead courtesy of two kills. Purdue jungler “Clam” used their early lead to solo kill Toronto jungler “dongkey” at his blue buff later. At the current pace, the Boilermakers seemed minutes away from a quarterfinal spot.

Scrap after scrap botlane kept UofT at arm’s length, even with dongkey collecting a triple kill on Xin Zhao. holy krp picked off role-swapped midlaner “DeafRef” as Purdue raced towards Baron, before falling in the ensuing 4v5.

Toronto toplaner “ı527ı” found his footing in the Baron fight. After floundering for most of the early game, they weatherd four members of Purdue to spring a full-fledged teamfight. UofT blew away Purdue and broke open the base. 

Toronto never looked back. Siekomode’s Kai’sa kickstarted another fight nearly three minutes later in the top side jungle, which dealt a game-finishing blow to even the series.

Game Three
More level one strategies followed in game three. Purdue’s attempt to pressure early got flipped on its head as dongkey started their jungle clear with two gifted kills. dongkey’s fed Nidalee snowballed the match out of control. Support “LittleFrosty” followed up on Galio and combined with DeafRef’s Talon during roams. 

Purdue tried over and over to gain back leads on other parts of the map but failed to get any momentum. Toronto stole Rift Herald from Purdue jungler “Clam” to press a seven kill lead ten minutes in. UofT rode that lead all the way to the finish line, falling all three inhibitors before clinching the series.

Toronto takes on Bethany next in their upcoming quarterfinal matches. 

#10 BUFFALO - 2

A back and forth series mirrored the nature of the back and forth games. Each team always had an answer for each other. Buffalo got in the last word however, winning the series 2-1 to advance to quarterfinals.

Game One
Buffalo toplaner “Kenas” launched out of the gate in game one, putting in a solo effort for first blood. Illinois jungler “TheDanielPark” reinforced toplaner “WC Qwacker,” ganking twice for two kills of his own. The bloodshed continued for both sides with multiple roams before Buffalo snagged their second dragon. Kenas fought off an Illinois top dive at the same time, before getting the assist from Senna. UB botlaner “Y Jelly” landed a shield on Kenas, driving TheDanielPark right into their hands. 

The teams met again right before the third dragon. Buffalo came through mid brush and swept through Illinois. UB midlaner “LetMeCryA Riven” took down three as they reached soul point. 

Illinois tried to claw back into the game with multiple dives mid, but Buffalo answered appropriately each time. Another fight at fourth dragon found UB dishing out an ace. With their massive gold lead, Buffalo controlled the pace the rest of the way for a game one win.

Game Two
Back against the wall, UIUC mixed up the botlane. Botlaner “Bigger Noob” swapped to support and “LeeGeunYoung” filled in botlane for game two. The scuffles continued, as Illinois midlaner “Xeno” utilized the Renekton flex for first blood at scuttle. Both botlanes opted into early fights, causing a 4v4 to break out moments later. TheDanielPark stole away the first dragon, while both teams continued to trade kills.

A four-man botlane gank setup the second dragon for Illinois, who began to pull away. 

UIUC won another fight at Rift Herald, with LeeGeunYoung showcasing their prowess on Xayah. Buffalo found a way to battle back, winning the next engagement at the third dragon. A Ghoulster quadra kill threw off the dragon stacking to keep UB in the game.

WC Qwacker refused to let lightning strike twice. The toplaner found their Darius resets during the fourth dragon fight, taking down three before hitting soul point. 

Buffalo got a pick on WC Qwacker minutes later, starting Baron with their numbers advantage. Bigger Noobs’ heroic engage led to a quadra kill for TheDanielPark and a Baron for Illinois. 

An ace in the botside jungle for Illinois secured them soul point before closing out the game with another teamfight in the topside jungle.

Game Three
LeeGeunYoung and Bigger Noob retained their positions from the previous game to finish the series. Buffalo adapted, getting off to a flying start in the deciding game. They took down top and botlane at the same time for an early lead. 

Illinois took the first two dragons and Buffalo grabbed Rift Herald as the trading began. Takedowns continued to go back and forth, with a pick on Bigger Noob leading to a UB dragon. Illinois responded with a Rift Herald secure.

UIUC garners their first semblance of control by catching four UB players. The gold lead, while still close, was flipped. 

Slipping through Illinois’ vision gaps, Buffalo managed to sneak a Baron around the 21 minute mark. With the extra damage, UB edged out the Illini in midlane to even the dragon count. 

The next two dragons brought more of the same, as Buffalo found their rhythm and won back-to-back pre-dragon fights to close out the game and the series. 

Buffalo moves on to face the South Conference top seed, Winthrop, in their quarterfinal matchup. 


Michigan State jungler “RBM” exerted all sorts of pressure early on, but to no avail. Illinois State weathered the storm and botlaner “Disconnector” carried their squad to a 2-0 series win.

Game One
Despite a different botlaner in “lllIIIIIIIIIII,” MSU jumped out to an early lead in game one. RBM found a kill midlane for first blood, before opting into a fight in the river to get their first Kindred mark. With Illinois State falling behind, Disconnector secured a takedown with the Super Mega Death Rocket to seal the first dragon for ISU. 

The gold continued to flow in for Illinois State, who flexed the engage of their Malphite-Nocturne composition. Disconnector grabbed a double kill while securing Rift Herald to take the lead.

Pressure continued coming from ISU. Support “Nausicaa” hooked RBM at his blue buff, enroute to an ace for their squad. 

Multiple kill trades in midlane fights brought the Redbirds to a 6,000 gold and ten kill lead. Michigan State eventually found an even fight in the botside jungle, but got delayed just enough for ISU to flip the switch. Illinois State grabbed their third dragon to hit soul point and push their advantage.

After a pick on RBM led to a Baron for the team, ISU plunged down midlane and closed out game one with a five for one ace. 

Game Two
Michigan State came out the gates firing once again in game two. A level one invade into the top tri-brush gave first blood to MSU midlaner “I am Súnlight” and accelerated RBM. Their Lee Sin dominated the early stages, four buffing ISU jungler “GFÞ.” 

RBM continued to snowball, contributing on five kills and holding a 19 CS lead at ten minutes. They finished game two with an 11/2/5 scoreline.

Disconnector started their own snowball early on. The botlane got Illinois State on the board in a 2v2, before collecting two more to secure ISU’s second dragon. Nausicaa continued to feed the Jinx, finding lllIIIIIIIIIII right after the dragon with a stylish flash hook. 

MSU managed to keep the Redbirds at arm’s length after a four for zero scrap around the third dragon. Smothering the dragon stacking by taking two of their own, Michigan State tried to balloon their gold lead with multiple Baron attempts. Both were quelled by Disconnector, first with the Super Mega Death Rocket and second with a near pentakill. 

With Baron secured, Illinois State waltzed into the opposing base. Nausicaa continued landing Death Sentences to finish the game and hook ISU their own quarterfinal spot. The Redbirds face off against Harrisburg in the College Championship top eight. 


No one expected Winthrop to be pushed this hard. One of the top teams in the tournament went down to the wire in game one and fell in an intense game two. At 1-1, who knows what could happen? The South Conference Champion responded in the way top teams do: a game three stomp to finish off UC Riverside 2-1 and land a quarterfinal spot. 

Game One
An early invade from Winthrop jungler “FrostForest” on UCR jungler “DAMLOSS GAMING” shook up the initial pathing in game one. With his destination predetermined, FrostForest called support “Srkenji” to topside crab for a kill exchange on DAMLOSS.

Winthrop secured the first dragon as midlaner “Doxa” flexed early on UCR midlaner “asianknight.” Their Lucian went up 20 CS before the ten minute mark (eventually eclipsing +70 later in the match).

UC Riverside grabbed back control with a tactical botlane dive after slipping around vision. 

The Highlanders punished Winthrop’s subsequent dragon capture right before toplaner “SSJ2GohanTop” solo killed Doxa botlane. Suddenly, UC Riverside held an 8-2 kill lead.

Winthrop took the third dragon after stuffing a DAMLOSS backline dive outside the pit. A transition to Rift Herald saw WU botlaner “Saskio” swing a nailbiter fight between the two squads. 

With the fourth dragon on the horizon and Winthrop on soul point, the Highlanders struck back in the midlane. Multiple members barely escaped to stave off the cloud soul. 

A pick on Saskio led to an easy Baron for UC Riverside, who also picked up their second dragon to keep cloud soul out of reach. By the time the next Baron rolled around, Winthrop came prepared. FrostForest baited in UCR botlaner “maybe ghost” while Doxa pumped out damage for a teamfight win. 

WU toplaner “HyBriDZz” found maybe ghost early, letting the Eagles break open the base easily with their Baron buff. An initial last stand kept the Highlanders in the game, but back-to-back Nexus defenses finally sealed game one for Winthrop. 

Game Two
UC Riverside support “Hot Ruffles2” opened up game two with a first blood roam against Doxa. FrostForest cashed in on his first Nocturne Paranoia minutes later, getting both UCR botlane members.

Winthrop and UC Riverside continued to trade kills as Winthrop stacked objectives. After picking up the first three dragons, UCR found themselves attempting to block another dragon soul for WU. Mutual picks led to Baron pressure from Winthrop, where the Highlanders finally broke through. 

With freshly minted Baron buffs, UC Riverside countered a HyBriDZz flank at dragon to win their second consecutive fight. 

After the next Baron spawn, a pick on SSJ2GohanTop failed to discourage a UCR engage. The Highlanders caught Saskio to secure Baron, dragon and game two in an incredible comeback. 

Game Three
A botlane 2v2 turned impromptu teamfight saw our first action of game three, leading to Winthrop’s first dragon. Trade kills abounded throughout the early game, with FrostForest utilizing Nocturne Paranoia to segway into a Rift Herald. DAMLOSS found UCR’s first dragon on the other side.

Winthrop continued to push their advantage from early kills and CS leads, resulting in a double kill for Saskio’s Jinx. maybe ghost traded him back within the minute, but the Eagles continued to jump ahead.

FrostForest’s Nocturne and Doxa’s Syndra combined for multiple kills across the map. Stretching their individual lead even further, Doxa solo killed Gohan’s Lulu topside. Winthrop now held firm control, grabbing their second and third dragon to put UCR on the back foot for the third straight game.

Desperate for a positive play, the Highlanders forced in the botlane, resulting in three more kills for Winthrop. 

Another attempt to gain back some ground blew up in UC Riverside’s face. Doxa flanked from toplane and scored a quadra kill to keep the lead significant for Winthrop. 

An infernal soul nearly secured the game for WU, who only needed one last turn at Baron to clinch the series. 

The next time you’ll see Winthrop is against Buffalo, in their upcoming quarterfinal matchup. 


College Championship action resumes on Thursday, May 27. Keep your eyes peeled for the full release of the upcoming quarterfinals schedule, which will be announced here.

Want a snapshot of the bracket? You can find it on Battlefy, along with match history from every bracket match played so far.

Want information on the casters and observers from these games? You can find all the production information from @UnifiedEA.

Be sure to follow @cen_gg and @wtlangan for continued updates on the College Championship, along with anything collegiate esports!

All stream clips were taken from the Academy and UpsurgeEsports Twitch channels. Photo taken by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games at the 2019 Collegiate Championship.


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