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College Call of Duty Power Rankings

Power Rankings

Call of Duty: Vanguard is right around the corner, which means the start of the collegiate Call of Duty season is not too far away. This upcoming season will have us see more schools than we’ve ever seen before, tougher competition and new heated rivalries. So, who are the top 25 teams (from players and rosters that we know are confirmed and have been announced thus far) going into this new season? 

1. Ottawa University Black

I believe that the Ottawa Black and Ottawa Gold squad are really interchangeable at the #1 and #2 spots. I have them at the #1 spot to start this Vanguard year due to the domination they showed throughout the last several months of Cold War. They won the ABC x CCL Invitational 2021 in May, the eFuse College CoD Summer Open 2021 in August and the CCL x Mutineers Invitational 2021 in September ever since dropping their only series of the year to their brothers in Gold in the College CoD 2021 Playoffs. They do lose a powerhouse in Noysii to graduation this December but fully expect them to fill his position with a player of a similar caliber.

2. Ottawa University Gold

Now to the Gold squad. What can really be said about them that we don’t know already? They won the College CoD 2021 Playoffs and the ABC Call of Duty Collegiate 2021 Playoffs for a whopping $20,500 in total prize money! They do lose their captain, ChrisRadial, after he transferred to Northwood University, but maintain the core 3 in Ethan2Nice, Herby and Proffecide. Just like the Ottawa Black team, I don’t doubt Sergio and the staff over at Ottawa will replace ChrisRadial with a player of similar or better caliber.

3. Independence Community College

The team nobody heard of until they placed 2nd at the CCL x Mutineers Invitational, losing only to Ottawa University Black (0-3, 1-3) in two tightly contested matchups. A brand new team to the scene coupled with familiar faces among the amateur community. This team is led by the dynamic duo in Bighead and Jzurk. They are supported by a top LATAM player from Puerto Rico in Alessio and round out their roster with Marxus aka Meta. Watch out for this squad once they hit campus and play together in a LAN-like environment on fiber. A true potential “giant killer”.

4. St. Edward’s University Blue

Another new school to show up in the collegiate Call of Duty scene, the Hilltoppers out of Austin, Texas quickly made their presence known in the latter half of the Cold War season. They’ve gone 15-4 in official matches since forming, losing only to Ottawa University Black (twice) and Independence Community College (twice). They’re led by a LATAM star out of Mexico by the name of Thresh. He’s got a supporting cast in Eons, who’s a walking highlight reel, a Top 50 CCL player last season in Relck (with Navarro College) and a Search and Destroy star, Kruk, who transferred from Virginia Commonwealth University. Another team that could make some headway towards the top.

5. Oklahoma Christian University

I’m going to sound redundant, but we have yet another new school to enter the collegiate Call of Duty scene (and I love it). A Lone Star Conference foe of St. Edward’s University, the Eagles have also made a splash onto the scene with the signings of familiar names: Fastballa, Strike and Wisdom. They round out their roster with Rayy, a transfer from Tulsa University, who’s shown some great improvement from the CCL season going stride for stride with some of the bigger names in the scene. Keep an eye out for the St. Edward’s/Oklahoma Christian rivalry this season as it is shaping up to be one of the best we’ve seen in recent years. Esports Director, Lucas Hayworth, never stops talking to recruits either, so who knows who else we may see to bolster this already T5 roster.

Full Top 25 List:

  1. Ottawa University Black
  2. Ottawa University Gold
  3. Independence Community College
  4. St. Edward’s University Blue
  5. Oklahoma Christian University
  6. Concord University Maroon
  7. Purdue University
  8. St. Edward’s University White
  9. University of Illinois Orange
  10. University of Alabama Crimson
  11. University of North Texas
  12. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Red
  13. Texas Tech University
  14. Florida Gulf Coast University Green
  15. Texas State University
  16. St. Clair College
  17. University of Texas at Dallas
  18. Georgia Southern University
  19. University of Central Florida
  20. Illinois State University Black
  21. Penn State White
  22. Penn State Blue
  23. University of Northern Iowa
  24. Humber College Gold
  25. University of Tennessee, Knoxville Orange



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